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Why Gateway Architects?

Gateway Architects develops, deploys and supports a performance software solution for dramatically accelerating SAP implementations.

  • Better Technology:  Meister Core™ technology platform is unlike anything provided by SAP for its clients.  Developed by SAP Master Architects, it bridges SAP shortcomings yielding true next-generation performance for existing ECC implementations.
  • Better People:  GA entails some of the world’s smartest SAP Master Architects, who have solved extensive and difficult problems around the world.  Combining that with protected intellectual property technology yields some of the most advanced solutions.
  • Better Results: combine talent with innovative technology, and you yield some of the most elegant and sophisticated solutions, packaged in simple deployable modules.

Company Timeline


Andre Rosenthal Worked for Capgemini and a core systems integrator as an SAP Solutions Architect deploying extensive applications across IBM and Microsoft platforms, employing unique knowledge to streamline and optimize SAP shortcomings


Andre Rosenthal Founds Zimt Technologies to address seamless integration capabilities between SAP back end and client front ends, and build specific apps and products

Andre Rosenthal Works directly for IBM as an SAP HANA Global Cloud Solutions Architect solving some of the toughest SAP / IBM / Microsoft integration challenges in the market


Gateway Architects, LLC formed to build a real-time data accelerator and microservices platform for SAP


Heavy focus on core platform development and initial alpha test of customers


Company takes Meister to market landing large proof points of platform

Our Story

Andre Rosenthal, Ph.D., co-founder of Gateway Architects, was one of 21 SAP Master Technical Architects (1 of 2 employed outside of SAP) chartered with implementing some of the toughest SAP implementations while leading extensive SAP teams while employed at Microsoft, IBM, and Capgemini

Frustrated with having to “work around” core shortcomings within the SAP architecture when integrating third-party applications, Andre initiated some skunkworks to employ his early learnings of embedded technologies. Applying such knowledge, he developed a new structure within the SAP framework, streamlining customer implementations, and dramatically increasing accessibility to real-time data; unheard of in the SAP ecosystem.

Utilizing his Ph.D. learnings and teachings, he built code that resides deep inside the SAP ecosystem (i.e. no need for additional hardware or servers) which streamlines data accessibility in & out of the SAP data repositories using his innovations through advanced caching, compilers, AI, and predictive technologies.

World-Class Solutions

Providing world-class expert solutions that radically improve operational performance  using SAP

Innovative Software

Innovating software development for extreme intelligence, process automation, and master data quality and governance.

Digital Transformation

Enabling companies to continuously modernize using SAP and digitally transform their business.


William Mays

William Mays

Co-Founder & Chairman

Yaron Meerfeld

Yaron Meerfeld

Co-Founder & CEO

Andre Rosenthal, Ph.D.

Andre Rosenthal, Ph.D.

Co-Founder & CTO

What People Are Saying

The impact of the Meister Core™ technology on Hess Oil, both from a cost and real-time data access perspective, was shocking. The ROI started on day one.

Craig Penk

Supply Chain Manager , Hess Oil Corporation

The Meister Core™ technology really is a game changer that allows us to bring huge financial and operational improvements to our client base. It is rare to be able to bring both at the same time. Also giving our SAP users real-time insight into their data.

Satish Sharma

Director of Corporate Development , Mygo Consulting

We’ve seen the compelling impact the Meister Core™ technology has provided Fortune 200 users in the U.S. and our mission is to bring the same excellence, innovation, and remarkable productivity to our clients.

Shmulik Leshem

CEO, SAP Division, Advantech

We at Circle Star recognized the breakthrough technology presented by Gateway Architects to SAP’s partners and users.

Rajiv Varma

CEO, Circle Star India


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