FRISCO, Texas, March 22, 2018 (Newswire) – Gateway Architects announced today the addition of Craig Penk to its Advisory Board. He joins a team of other technology innovators who are committed to Gateway’s flagship product, Meister 2.0, a disruptive solution that for the first time opens up the way businesses access, utilize, and optimize SAP data capabilities.

Craig Penk joins the Advisory Board while currently serving as supply chain manager at Hess Oil Corporation, the nation’s first licensed user of Meister. Penk oversaw the onboarding of Meister in 2015.

“The impact of Meister on Hess Oil, both from a cost and real-time data access perspective, was shocking,” said Penk. “The ROI started on day one. When the opportunity came up to join Gateway Architects’ board, I was honored. This small company has a solution that fits all enterprise software users in today’s world.”

Prior to joining Hess Oil, he led business transformation and technology initiatives within the oil & gas, manufacturing, and automotive industries. While at Ford Motor Company he collaborated in the greenfield design for the spin-off of their internal components division, eventually leading new site launch, ERP implementation, execution, and support. Penk earned a BS in economics/finance from the University of Detroit, an MBA from the University of Detroit Mercy, and completed coursework towards an MS in computer science from the University of Michigan.

“Craig is a well-respected leader in the oil & gas, automotive, and manufacturing industries,” said Mays. “He was the key contact and an indispensable team member in overseeing the onboarding and integration of Meister at Hess.”  

Meister is a ground-breaking, proprietary platform that unleashes the power of data in SAP, enabling transparency, accuracy, velocity, and agility on a real-time basis at a fraction of the time and cost. Meister delivers data that is in real-time, visible, extensible, streamlined, controlled, and efficiently accessible via any device, anywhere, at any time – without sacrificing security.

About Gateway Architects

Gateway Architects are world class experts in developing algorithms and compilers at SAP. Using research, machine learning models, and advanced compiler methodologies, they create disruptive solutions which enables any device and platform to seamlessly transact with SAP NetWeaver. Their flagship product, Meister, unlocks the power and potential of SAP, transforming the ability to turn information into real-time intelligence. They are headquartered in Frisco, Texas. Learn more at

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