Gateway Architects today announced a contract win with Diplomat, the leading Consumer Products distributor in Israel.

According to William Mays, Gateway Architects LLC Chairman & Co-founder:

“Upon completion of a successful POC, last week we signed a three-year deal with Diplomat. Included in the extensive POC was our GA Smart™ e-Commerce Application and the first-ever LIVE integration between SalesForce B2B and the SAP backend using our GA Smart™ Salesforce Connector.

Not only is Diplomat one of the largest distributors in Israel and the Middle East — but they have one of the most technically advanced digital experience platforms offered today, both internally and externally. They are committed to growing their service offerings in a way that puts them in best-of-class internationally.

We thank the executives at Diplomat for entrusting Gateway Architects with the opportunity to drive real-time performance and elevate the digital experience for all involved.”

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