Frisco, Texas (October 12, 2020) – Gateway Architects unveiled the first integration engine for  ENVERUS Business Automation’s Open Invoice solution and SAP during a live demo on October 8: OI/SAP Realtime Integration — Powered by Meister.

Open Invoice shortens invoice processing times and improves internal reporting for oil and gas suppliers. Meister allows SAP customers to realize the full impact Open Invoice has to offer, while reducing implementation time and annual SAP system operation costs by 90%.

“Oil and gas companies will see a huge business impact with up to a 90% reduction in late payment fees, immediate rejection of non-compliant invoices, instant access to SAP cost center condition changes, and will strategically benefit via real-time business intelligence,” said William Mays, co-founder and chairman of Gateway Architects. “ENVERUS Business Automation’s commitment to improving their customers’ experience has made them a valuable partner.”

Meister is a ground-breaking, proprietary platform that unleashes the power of data in SAP, enabling transparency, accuracy, velocity, and agility on a real-time basis at a fraction of the time and cost. It unlocks SAP in an innovative and revolutionary manner so that data is visible, extensible, streamlined, controlled, secured, and efficiently accessible via any device, anywhere, at any time — without sacrificing security.

The October 8 live demo, presented by Gateway Architects and ENVERUS, gave participants a look at the integration’s key features including automated cost object and cost center updates, real-time invoice processing, real-time PO handling, and real-time messaging.

“As a Platinum SAP architect for more than 20 years, I have worked with the world’s largest oil and gas companies on integrations and know the impact on invoicing and supply chain issues,” said Scott Cunningham, managing partner at W5 Consulting. “What I saw in the live demo was unlike anything on the market and will allow users to get the full benefit of the robust nature of Open Invoice, while saving time and money. I look forward to deploying this on behalf of our clients at W5 Consulting.”

A recording of the live demo introducing the IO/SAP Realtime Integration — Powered by Meister can be viewed on the company’s website.


About Gateway Architects

Meister — Gateway Architects’ flagship offering — is a transactional cache and trans-compiler platform that provides real-time data access (in volume) thus dramatically increasing performance, accuracy, analytics capability and timeliness of results. Gateway Architects offers a series of toolsets that dramatically improve SAP performance, accuracy, and data accessibility, all founded on a real-time data acceleration and microservices platform. They are headquartered in Frisco, Texas. Learn more at