“We are pleased to announce the start of a POC with Shufersal, the largest manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of food products in the Middle East. Shufersal, a 63-year-old company with more than 13,000 employees, has grown to serve more than 2 million customers weekly. Included in the extensive POC is Gateway’s GA Smart™ e-Commerce Application and our Procure to Pay (P2P) technology that will allow them to dramatically accelerate both the issuing AND the processing time of thousands of purchase orders, submitted daily by each of Shufersal ‘stores/locations, to either Shufersal logistics centers or directly to vendors. Our GA Smart™ e-Commerce & P2P application will deliver a day 2 ROI to Shufersal upon commercial adoption.

Not only is Shufersal one of the largest distributors in Israel and the Middle East — they have always been on the leading edge regarding digital commerce and the options they offer their customers and vendors. With its commitment to this POC, Shufersal is continuing its pursuit of offering a best-in-class technology platform and user experience. We thank the executive team at Shufersal for entrusting Gateway Architects with the opportunity to deliver true real-time performance while elevating the digital experience for all involved.

We expect to finish the POC in Q2, followed by commercial implementation shortly after.”— William Mays, Gateway Architects LLC chairman & co-founder