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William Mays

William Mays

Co-Founder & Chairman

As a respected leader of both public and private companies, Mays brings vision, strategic intelligence, and critical resources that ‘shorten the runway’ to success for the companies in his portfolio.

His in-depth understanding of infrastructure, capacity, scalability, growth and profitability is not only a resource in executing any business strategy, it’s the key to enhancing bottom line growth.

Mays provides strategic guidance on sourcing critical solutions, identifying acquisition targets, M&A, capital raising, among other critical advisory roles.

Yaron Meerfeld

Co-Founder & CEO

Meerfeld has 28 years of experience in leadership, business, and technology management in the Israeli high-tech arena.

First as International Sales Director at IIS (IBM 3270/5250 solutions), VP Sales and Marketing at AppliTech (medical devices), and VP Marketing and Business Development at SuperCom (secured ID technologies).

For the last 17 years Meerfeld has been the co-founder and leader of a number of innovative startups including InkSure Tech (chip-less/printed RFID technology) and Prana Essentials (Healthcare and Wellness technologies).

Andre Rosenthal

Dr. Andre Rosenthal

Co-Founder & CTO

Dr. Rosenthal is a leader and innovator.

As an SAP Solutions Architect and software specialist with a Fortune 500 background, Rosenthal’s business prowess includes leading SAP organizations and cultivating buy-in for enterprise-wide changes and improvements.

His innovative methodologies result in custom solutions that facilitate growth while managing risk. With high-energy and hands-on leadership style, Rosenthal successfully leads multilingual, multicultural teams around the world.

What People Are Saying

The impact of Meister on Hess Oil, both from a cost and real-time data access perspective, was shocking. The ROI started on day one.

Craig Penk

Supply Chain Manager , Hess Oil Corporation

Meister really is a game changer that allows us to bring huge financial and operational improvements to our client base. It is rare to be able to bring both at the same time. Also giving our SAP users real-time insight into their data.

Satish Sharma

Director of Corporate Development , Mygo Consulting

We’ve seen the compelling impact Meister has provided Fortune 200 users in the U.S. and our mission is to bring the same excellence, innovation, and remarkable productivity to our clients.

Shmulik Leshem

CEO, SAP Division, Advantech

We at Circle Star recognized the breakthrough technology presented by Gateway Architects to SAP’s partners and users.

Rajiv Varma

CEO, Circle Star India


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