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LIVE DEMO: See the power of Gateway Architects’ Smart™ Technology

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Give us just 15 minutes to show you how to get your SAP financial reports how and when you need them with the Meister Smart™ Reporting app.

Reduce TCO and Operating Expense.
Reduce computing power with a 90% increase in system performance. Reduce IT resources. Extend core SAP functionality.

High-Speed Access.
Preconfigured app for high-volume, high-speed access to SAP FICO and M&A reports, financial planning, and real-time analytics in less than 3 seconds.

Give Back Productivity to Your Team.
Directly access reports from Excel. Automatically schedule reports and dashboards.

Live Demo

 Meister Smart™ Business Apps operates as a pass-through engine and does not interfere with any security layer in the SAP ecosystem. Authentication is done by known methods and passes directly to the SAP Gateway 2.0. Authorization is controlled solely by the SAP backend via user profiles and roles. Meister Smart™ Business Apps do not retain any data and once a call has been processed no session or user data remains. Meister Smart™ Business Apps’ optimization engine addresses SAP indirect access.

What People Are Saying

The impact of Meister on Hess Oil, both from a cost and real-time data access perspective, was shocking. The ROI started on day one.

Craig Penk

Supply Chain Manager , Hess Oil Corporation

Meister really is a game changer that allows us to bring huge financial and operational improvements to our client base. It is rare to be able to bring both at the same time. Also giving our SAP users real-time insight into their data.

Satish Sharma

Director of Corporate Development , Mygo Consulting

We’ve seen the compelling impact Meister has provided Fortune 200 users in the U.S. and our mission is to bring the same excellence, innovation, and remarkable productivity to our clients.

Shmulik Leshem

CEO, SAP Division, Advantech

We at Circle Star recognized the breakthrough technology presented by Gateway Architects to SAP’s partners and users.

Rajiv Varma

CEO, Circle Star India


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