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Our offerings are founded on microservices technology components that seamlessly reside within the SAP ecosystem providing true real-time data access without middleware, dramatically improving performance, data availability, and reliability.

The GA Smart™ Suite of Products

Because Gateway Architects’ Meister Core™ technology resides within the SAP platform, the GA Smart™ line of products provides direct, real-time data access without middleware, dramatically improving performance, data availability, reliability, and analytical capabilities.

The GA Smart™ suite of products utilizes the Meister Core™ technology transactional caching engine, embedded within Netweaver, which creates seamless data access within the SAP ecosystem. It is this access that drives all the performance of the GA Smart suite of products.

Gateway Architects’ Meister Core™ technology is the only software that resides within SAP

GA Smart™ Connectors

The GA Smart™ Connectors series of offerings provides true real-time data connectivity throughout the SAP ecosystem.  Big words, proven by big performance.


  • Integrate SAP ECC directly to your cloud-based applications
  • Dramatically shorten development and integration times
  • API portal for easy access and deployment
  • Meister Core™ technology runs directly within the NetWeaver platform, eliminating middleware
  • Leverage business logic and other rules that already have been deployed

GA Smart™ Gateway

The GA Smart™ Gateway is a toolset of microservices components that allow seamless integration and streamlining of data access for all your SAP applications.  Utilizing the Meister Core™ technology your enterprise applications now have TRUE real-time data availability and real-time data processing to ensure your ecosystem is operating at its full potential.

  • Application data is fully extensible and available in real-time with direct residence in cache

  • Applications access data directly through rest technologies, no ABAP integration required

  • ML processes pre construct activities and access patterns

  • Workflow is fully visible to the UX via an SDK

GA Smart™ Salesforce Connector

  • eCommerce B2B front end from Salesforce (catalogue, order processing, and pricing) integrated into SAP ECC6.0
  • Real-time integration of Salesforce to SAP!
  • Sub-second transactional performance for catalog pricing upload for 1000’s SKUs and order processing
  • Prices per Sold-To are always updated at Salesforce platform
  • Real-time, responsive mode, order simulation tool (WYSIWYG)
  • Real-time order visibility with SAP quotes and orders through Salesforce
  • Transparent connectivity accessing SAP data through Salesforce as if one system
  • No need to manage pricing in multiple ERP systems. Apply SAP logic to the results
  • Seamlessly tie SAP and Salesforce together

GA Smart™ S/4 Cloud Connector

  • Utilizing the Meister transactional caching engine and JSON<>ABAP real-time transcoding within the NetWeaver gateway, the GA Smart™ S/4 Cloud Connect allows you to run all of your ECC applications on any version of SAP S/4 including SAP S/4 federated cloud.
  • Existing RFC enabled calls are totally wrapped at the gateway without the need for ERP development.
  • Existing applications could migrate to UI5 without the need for expensive Odata coding.
  • Users of connectors are now able to lift their applications out of the boundaries of SAP and into a pure Rest service
  • Meister eliminates the need for applications to install their components within the S/4 federated cloud back end.


  • The new S4/Cloud gateway takes further steps to accommodate with SAP new integration strategy by running all execution processes at the gateway instead of the backend ERP and can run any processes that are currently being executed by traditional connectors.
  • Further, with the specific support of dedicated applications at the backend, Meister V3 augments the existing functionality and provides specific lines of business applications as packaged products with specific backend transports.
  • In terms of migrating existing code out of connectors into Rest services, Meister V3 runs wrappers at the gateway and promotes these into JSON documents without any need for backend transport.


GA Smart™ Enverus Open Invoice Connector

Utilizing Meister Core™ technology, these connectors monitor all changes in cost centers and AFEs in real-time within the SAP ecosystem. Thus, dynamically updating all Open Invoice data elements ensuring true data sync and real-time results.

Invoice and order processing are always in sync and not rejected for manual updating. Moving responsibility from man to machine.


  • No real-time connectivity
  • Cost centers and AFEs are not automatically updated
  • Order processing may take days
  • Invoice processing may take up to two weeks
  • Very high TCO


  • Real-time integration, sub-second transactions
  • Cost centers and AFEs are always updated
  • Sub-second order and invoice processing
  • Day-2 ROI
  • Very low TCO

GA Smart™ Applications

All the SAP applications developed by Gateway Architects are founded on the Meister Core™ technology platform that resides inside SAP.  See more on this extensive capability platform here.

Not All Real-Time Is “Real” 

Others will sell you on reporting suites, simply because they streamline data required out of the SAP system. However, if you request modifications to the standard report queries you are in for an extremely long wait. The GA Smart™ Report system provides true seamless access to all your report data needs. Thus, reports are returned quickly and accurately.

GA Smart™ B2B e-Commerce & Retail Application

  • Real-time, customer-centric data presentation
  • Guarantee inventory availability prior to submitting “order”
  • Real-time shopping cart representation. Price in cart is the final price, including applicable configuration,  tax, shipping, and additional business logic applied
  • No batch processing, what-you-see-is-what-you-get
  • Seamlessly tie Salesforce Commerce Cloud and SAP together

Processed in Seconds, Not Minutes

Gateway Architects’ B2B e-Commerce & Retail Application brought product pricing to a selected web application using SAP standard process for six times the number of SKUs in a fraction of the time.


Seconds to extract pricing of 1k SKUs


Seconds to extract pricing of 6k SKUs

GA Smart™ Reporting Application

The GA Smart™ Reporting platform provides revolutionary real-time access to all ECC report structures through the Meister Core™ technology accelerator engine. Utilizing the transactional cache platform as well as JSON<>ABAP real-time transcoder system, Gateway Architects unveils something not seen in the SAP ecosystem, real-time data access for the entire suite of reports generated within the SAP ecosystem. Remember, real-time data means real-time business intelligence. This gives your business a competitive advantage.

  • Immediate decision-making capabilities
  • Accurate and true reports, no ‘truing up’ at later times
  • Clean, simple and “always on”
  • Reduce reporting cycle times
  • No more depending on the technical skills of your IT team, or an error-prone manual processes
  • Create accurate, up-to-date, consolidated reports across multiple cost and profit centers.
  • Refresh period-on-period analysis in seconds without relying on stale data exports

KSB1 Report Generation Time (in Minutes)



GA Smart™ B2B e-Commerce Oil & Gas


  • Order processing only at SAP GUI and not available to business partners
  • No real-time business KPI availability at time of transaction creation and processing
  • User experience is limited and affected by lack of business data


  • Full web-based B2B app serving both internal users and business partners.
  • Business analytics available in real-time to support users’ business decisions during the creation of orders and deliveries.
  • Revolution in user experience and efficiency

GA Smart™ Delivery Logistics (Fuel)

  • Manages all logistics for fuel delivery
  • Real-time dispatch orders and delivery instructions
  • Track and report on inventory
  • Schedule deliveries
  • Mobile applications support
  • Real-time data sync with dispatch centers and SAP back-end systems


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