Simple Solutions for Complex SAP Situations

Our comprehensive suite of products yields the best performance from your SAP ecosystem.

Extract More Value from Enterprise Software Investments

Gateway Architects offers a comprehensive suite of applications tuned to yield the best performance out of your SAP ecosystem.  Accelerate data access to real-time reporting results, and ensure your e-commerce platform is in true sync from data input at your suppliers to CPQ results for your customers. In using the Meister Core™ technology from GA, you will inherently increase performance while reducing infrastructure costs, avoiding unnecessary pressured upgrades, and streamlining operations and reporting.

Extend the life of your ERP investments

ECC and existing enterprise applications bolted in.

Avoid expensive upgrades and migrations

Don’t be forced into costly ECC to S4/Hana and other ERP application & system upgrades.  Extend the life and enhance the value of your existing ERP platform.

Be strategic and be flexible

Utilize your existing platform and bolt on state-of-the-art applications in a seamless, non-intrusive fashion. Enhance your platform for connectivity, do not rip out and replace it.
> Enters Gateway Architects.

Break free of ERP cloud limitations

Cloud migrations can be daunting, but they do not require complete ERP overhauls.  Bridge important enterprise applications to the cloud while getting the most life out of your stable and secure existing ERP platform.
> Enters Gateway Architects.


Reduce operating and support costs

Focusing on enabling and enhancing existing ERP platforms with innovative and strategic technology does not have to mean that your operating costs and support costs will go through the roof.

GA enables technology gateways that decrease operating costs, remove middleware layers, and eliminate elements of regular support requirements.

  • This shifts costs from ‘keeping the lights on’ to allowing budget for expansion and operational improvements, growing your capabilities and IT infrastructure, no longer settling for the status quo. > Enters Gateway Architects.
  • Eliminate expensive, disruptive, and minimal-value upgrades and migrations and move from a vendor-dictated roadmap to a business-driven approach to IT infrastructure expansion.   > Enters Gateway Architects.

SAP Users

  • Seamless integration to front end applications
  • Reduced cost of implementation/operation
  • 10x+ performance compared to current solutions
  • Designed to deliver real-time data needs and analytics
  • Addresses complex scenarios
  • Fully integrated with SAP
  • Certified by SAP
Independent Software Vendors


  • Key for ISV’s, gives them true integration with SAP
  • Low cost of implementation/support
  • Integrates with any existing UI or application
  • True digital transformation tool
  • Unmatched performance for any external app.
  • All transactions done at sap, within SAP security
  • Unmatched time to implementation


Meet the demands of the next generation of e-commerce requirements.  With Gateway Architects solutions and their Meister Core™ technology, organizations can easily scale and meet the most challenging e-commerce needs within exceptionally complex business environments.

  • Real-Time Pricing:  Sellers and buyers alike demand real-time market-relevant prices. No more ‘pre-quotes’ or waiting hours (or even minutes) for updated pricing
  • Accurate, Reliable Pricing:  Based on the Meister Core™ technology, businesses can count on accurate, configurable and up-to-date pricing providing the best e-commerce experience for their customers


Minutes to Update Pricing for 1,000 SKUs


Seconds to Update Pricing for 6,000 SKUs


Give executive decision-makers the information they need.  True data analytics that updates automatically, eliminates manual effort, and enables report users to quickly find the information they need.

Typical standard SAP reports are clunky, slow, and extremely inflexible. Often they require IT intervention to develop, they aren’t repeatable, and there are lengthy delays in returning results. GA’s reporting solutions provide easy-to-use tools built for your needs.

  • Challenges: Time-consuming to return results, dependent on IT to develop variations and custom reports, reports are limited and inflexible
  • GA Results: Freedom from IT dependence, one-click instant reports, realtime analytics analysis, accuracy


Minutes to Generate KSB1 Report


Minutes to Generate KSB1 Report

Salesforce Connectivity

  • Prebuilt solutions shorten development and integration cycles to tie Salesforce Commerce Cloud and SAP together
  • Realtime data analytics and integration ensures your e-commerce site’s customer and product data is always up to date within SAP
  • Keep your customers happy with real-time, customer-specific pricing, and eliminate disappointment by guaranteeing inventory availability before they click “order”


  • Create true and accurate orders in SAP in real time as soon as a shopping cart is submitted, including accurate application of your pricing, tax, shipping, configuration, and other business logic that already exists in SAP
  • Customers see on the B2B site all of their order history across all channels — not just the ones created there — immediately after creation (not 24 hours later after a batch is loaded)



Hours to Sync Data Between Supplier and SF


Real-Time Sync of Data to Customer

S/4HANA Migration

ERP migrations are time-consuming and expensive. And they often yield negligible results in terms of performance, data access, or features, thus requiring additional software enhancements and services to ensure your business continues to operate.

  • GA provides innovative technology that resides deep within your existing ECC platform enabling data access and performance comparable, if not superior, to S/4HANA
  • The Meister Core™ technology sits within the in-memory structure of your ECC platform, functioning analogously to SAP HANA in-memory database, thus achieving the operational functionality and performance, without the costly migration to S/4HANA



Costly ERP Migrations and Software Enhancements with Negligible Results



Superior Performance with Technology that Resides within Existing ECC Platform