The Meister Core™ technology platform is behind the impressive functionality of the GA Smart™ suite of products.  Our revolutionary technology platform addresses the key issues of the SAP ERP ecosystem.

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Introducing GA’s Meister Technology Platform

Behind the impressive functionality of the GA Smart™ suite of products is the Meister Core™ technology platform. This revolutionary platform spans years of understanding and addresses the core issues of the SAP ERP ecosystem. Applying the Meister Core™ technology platform within your SAP environment dramatically improves:

  • Performance
  • Real-time access to your data
  • Reliability
  • Systems integrity

All of which yields a true Day-2 ROI on your investment.


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Definition of meister

: one who is knowledgeable about something specified — often used in combination

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Meister is Gateway Architects flagship offering: a transactional cache and a real-time trans-compiler platform, which provides real-time data access (in volume) thus traumatically increasing performance, accuracy, analytics capability and timeliness of results. A series of toolsets which dramatically improve SAP performance, accuracy and data accessibility.  All founded on a real-time data acceleration and microservices platform.

Components of the Meister Platform

Real-Time Transactional Cache

Meister introduces the concept of predictive caching where the traversal of condition control tables and respective catalog materials is done using its own proprietary algorithms to provide a disruptive solution to the performance challenge of populating external applications with complex, yet dynamic data (like materials pricing and ATP) in realtime upon the start of external transactional process of creating new transaction that involves a consumption of such data (like sales order). Meister also introduces a disruptive approach that includes a preemptive caching engine using “Do Ahead” method where ML-based processes detect first what the usage pattern is of that specific user that just logged into the system. That user has a pattern of creating SAP documents with specific permutations. Based on that discovery the engine will “bucket” preconstructed SAP documents with all relations and related temp tables in place, saving up to 80% of the time to create such documents with ANY volume of line items.

JSON-to/from-ABAP Real-Time Compiler

Way more than “just a connector,” the Meister platform is the foundation for the development of many state-of-the-art applications and 3rd party integrations for SAP users. It easily bolts on to other software offerings and is the only technology that directly connects to the SAP backend. Core to this is a sophisticated and comprehensive real-time cross compiler that compiles REST JSON data to ABAP internal data structures (and vice versa!) for high volume, high-speed data transactions, allowing direct connectivity into your world of web-based applications.

Workflow Monitor & Worklist Acceleration

Workflow enablement is accomplished via Meister’s Workflow Foundation support. Meister provides the toolkit for the enablement of an existing SAP workflow as an endpoint accessible by any UX via the SDK website. Meister provides a class to be added as part of the header of the workflow definition at SAP. Once injected into the header of the workflow, all the events fired by SAP to the runtime instance of the workflow definition are trapped by Meister and provided as part of the development effort for specific needs. By default, six discrete events are trapped by Meister and made available as BADI extensions that are easily enhanced by the ABAP resources. Meister also exposes an endpoint named Meister.MWF.Decider to execute any decision task of workflows whether Meister was injected or not to the workflow definition file.

Highlights of the Meister Platform

  • Meister is the first transactional caching engine for SAP, applicable to new and old installations.
  • Foundation is a real-time, cross compiler that compiles JSON to ABAP stack for high volume, high-speed data transactions – JTA2, plus a sophisticated predictive and preemptive real-time cache.
  • All line of businesses (LOBs) are visible, extensible, streamlined, controlled, secured, and efficiently transferred in a non-intrusive fashion to any choice of UI devices or 3rd party applications.
  • Meister can transmit a complex payload with table of tables without limits of size and complexity and completely revolutionizes both inbound/outbound data transactions between SAP backend and any external web service, web API or 3rd party application.
  • Meister is fully integrated and resides within the SAP ecosystem (ECC or S/4HANA). No additional services or hardware required.

Core Elements of the Meister Platform

  • Real-time transactional caching
  • Real-time JSON-to/from-ABAP transcoding
  • Workflow monitor & worklist acceleration
Implementation: e-Commerce Pricing

Catalog items are being fed to SAP for simulation of Pricing and Availability. As the number of items grow, the system becomes to slow down as it is executed in a sequential basis, one material after another. Further, the calculations are sensitive to the condition control tables set for a specific tuple of choice.

The end result is a solution that does not perform as the number of catalog items grow beyond the trivial, and even under this threshold the condition control tables impose a slow traversal further depleting the solution of an adequate performance. The Meister core caching system allows the traversal of condition control tables of the respective catalog materials (Create – Refresh – Read) using its own proprietary algorithms to provide disruptive solution to the performance challenge of populating external catalogs with materials. Pricing and ATP are provided in real-time upon the start of external transactional process of creating new order through catalog navigation.

Implementation: Sales Order Simulate/Create

There are a significant number of issues that affect the Create process of SO with high volume of line items: Adherence to SAP uniqueness, transmission of non-used data, manual construction of each requirement for specific business process, time dependency of the transaction at SAP from start to end (fully synchronous), limited to 2 concurrent business processes and limited scalability. Employing the Meister core and transactional caching employs a “Do Ahead” method using machine-learned processes that analyze the usage patterns users. The ML process derives a bucket of pre constructed SOs with all relations and related temp tables in place, saving up to 80% of the time to create SO with ANY volume of line items.


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