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Introducing GA Smart™ Enverus Open Invoice Connector –
Powered by Meister

About GA Smart™ Enverus Open Invoice Connector

SAP integrations can be a tremendous headache — and a costly one, consuming people, resources, and time in significant amounts. Most are left with an underperforming integration due to the difficulties presented by SAP when accessing your business data.

This is preventing most Open Invoice / SAP users from realizing the full impact the Open Invoice has to offer.

The OI/SAP Realtime Integration — Powered by Meister provides live, two-way communication for high performance between these two powerful applications.


IT Impact:
  • 90% reduction in implementation time…
  • 90% reduction in annual SAP system operation costs…
Business Impact:
  • 90% reduction in late payment fees…
  • Immediate rejection of non-compliant invoices
  • Improvements in Contract Compliance
  • Increased timeliness of business intelligence

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In this educational demo, shot live, you will learn how you can experience the ROI and TCO impact of sub-second OI-SAP transactions through:

  • The transformation from bundled/batch processing mode of operations to real-time, all-time accurate processing
  • Real-time, cost object/cost center accuracy
  • Instant delivery of POs for faster purchases
  • Real-time invoice import

In our demo, you will SEE the Meister/OI Integration Engine deliver a new level of hyper-performance in the following areas:

  • Automated cost object & cost center updates
  • Real-time invoice processing
  • Real-time PO handling
  • Real-time messaging


Reduction in implementation time


Reduction in annual SAP System Operations Costs


Mark D'Alessio

Partnerships Director

William Mays

Gateway Architects

Dr. Andre Rosenthal

Gateway Architects

Mike Secor

Senior Program Manager
Gateway Architects

Developing a Digital Fitness Program
for Finance and Accounting!


Recorded:  April 23, 2019


  • There is a shift going on in the way we work. We are experiencing a convergence of the “human thinking brain” and the “computer thinking brain.”
  • Cognitive tools such as AI and predictive analytics are improving the efficiency of process automation (i.e. using of chatbots to pull historical data from ERP vs. a finance analyst).
  • As technology automates more daily tasks, there is more time for high-value analysis of business insights and collaboration across the enterprise resulting in better decision-making.

In today’s unpredictable world, successful Finance organizations must be agile and ready to make smart, intelligent data driven decisions using oceans of data.  Extreme automation in the core finance and accounting processes is expected to create “never- before-seen” levels of maturity in finance operations.

There will be an increase in the number of humans who will work with intelligent automation to provide strategic insights for operations, supply chain, sales, marketing and other functions.  In a truly intelligent enterprise, finance leaders must extend digital transformation across the enterprise — from back-office operations through the customer experience.

How can extreme automation lessen the daily drudgery of data management tasks thus, increasing productivity?  And how can finance professionals become Super Users of technology and become agents of change and transformation for the organization?

Please join us for a chat with Moazam Shah, award-winning CFO at Fyber Consulting, and Ginger Luttrell, Founder, CEO and leading Super User expert at SUNsource Super User Network, who will share their insights for “Developing a Digital Fitness Program” in a data-driven culture.

This webinar is hosted by Gateway Architects, LLC and “powered by Meister Smart™ Reporting & Analytics – a scalable, preconfigured, integrated and embedded application within SAP for high-velocity reporting using Excel and BI tools.


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